As you are reading this, you’re probably wondering who is the person behind this website. Let me give you a small introduction. My name is Fee (better known as Fenmizu) and i am a selftaught freelance illustrator.

From a young age on i’ve struggled with social interactions and fitting in. This is why i resorted to drawing when i was in High school. Drawing has helped me by giving me an escape from my anxiety, as well as describing and visualizing these problems. I hope to spark some recognition and support for those dealing with similair problems. I would describe my art as shedding some light on daily struggles with a little twist of irony to it.

In 2019 I graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, where I studied Visual Design.  I like to do all kinds of artsy stuff. Drawing digital, painting with acrylic, making clay, sewing and crocheting, doing street art, nothing is too crazy for me! 

Making this website has given the chance to build up my own platform. It will be used as my own platform to post my work, to build a portfolio and to sell my artworks to those who are interested!

Amber de Jongh (a.k.a Ambytious, my webdesigner) and me have been working together on this website. A big thank you to her for making a small idea into reality! It wouldn’t have turned out this way without your help. Her socials will be below, be sure to give her some support!

And the second big thank you goes out to Bob de Jong (a.k.a Shotbyzero10) who has been my photographer for this website. Make sure to check out his socials, he has been rising very quick as a starting photographer!